Edge Sorting – How to Get an Edge

In 2012 the poker star Phil Ivey was  on everyone’s lips with an extremely questionable technique called Edge Sorting, as this trick enabled him to earn almost $ 20 million in just two different casinos. While convicted of fraud, Ivey insisted that this edge sorting technique was completely legitimate.

What exactly is the Edge Sorting Blackjack method, how to use it and what the casinos do to counteract this, you will find out below.

What is Edge Sorting?

Edge Sorting in German means something like “sorting by edge” and refers to the minimal irregularities caused by the pattern in the printing of the individual cards on their backs. The extremely critically viewed method of Edge Sorting Poker is only there to gain a marginal advantage as a player when using it by influencing the cards in your favor at Luckscasino.com.

Normally, playing cards are cut so that each individual card is the same with the opposite edge. If certain inequalities or irregularities occur, for example caused by the pattern on the card, clever players are able to use Poker Edge Sorting to recognize these small irregularities, to identify them and to take advantage of them using Edge Sorting. Basically, it is therefore neither a criminal offense nor fraud – the players simply use the badly thought-out card imprint of the card manufacturer in their favor.

Edge sorting cards are a danger that should not be underestimated for casinos and against which they could not do much for a long time. So it happened that several prominent players used the edge sorting technology and bagged several million with it – and that in the most famous and safest casinos, where any form of fraud should be completely impossible.

Above all, games such as poker, Caribbean stud and Mississippi stud are examples in which the typical edge sorting blackjack method can also be used successfully. In the specific case of Ivey, edge sorting Punto Banco (baccarat) was played.

Edge sorting cards – an example

To make it clear to you how easy poker edge sorting is, we would like to show you the edge sorting technique using cards from the manufacturer Gemaco. So perhaps we can also get the final answer to the mystical question ‘What is Edge Sorting at King of Cash?’ ventilate.

At the time, the card distributor printed tons of its popular card decks without realizing that a small, faulty print would make the cards easier for the players to identify and thus enable successful Edge Sorting Poker. Players just had to feel the back of each card with their fingers and could see the respective pattern that indicated the color. If the cards also had repeated patterns on the back, the players could see this along the left, right, top and bottom edges (provided they were aware of the principle of edge sorting cards).

If you look closely at the cards in this example, you can see with this Edge Sorting German card deck that the pattern is different. The left card has a complete cross pattern. The right card is a half-cross. Smart players could feel this inequality and thus perform the insidious Edge Sorting Blackjack:

In addition, the Edge Sorting German cards showed a certain asymmetry in their format. Take a close look at the edges and you will see that they are different:

Edge sorting experts have turned the technology into an advantage

In principle, edge sorting is only used when it comes to card games in which the individual cards have different values. But that also means that they could influence Edge Sorting Blackjack, Edge Sorting Poker, Edge Sorting Punto Banco and many other games. This is the only way for players to identify and differentiate between the cards that are actually important and the cards that are not so important.

Edge sorting example to explain

If players notice that the pattern of the cards on the left and right on the back is not symmetrical, then you can take advantage of this and turn the cards slightly. All important cards are aligned in such a way that, as in the case mentioned above, for example, all cards with the entire cross pattern are placed along a very specific edge. The rest of the cards, however, are then aligned so that the cards with all of the crosses are on the opposite edge.

Just keep in mind that most casinos always shuffle a poker edge sorting game by a machine. So what is happening Exactly – the machine shuffles the cards, but the orientation of the cards is retained. After the cards are redistributed, the player using the Edge Sorting Cards can now see exactly where the dealer has the cards with all the crosses. If he recognizes the crosses on the left side, for example, then he can now be sure that this card is too likely to be a card of importance.

Edge sorting using the example of baccarat (also called edge sorting punto banco)

If you are already familiar with the game of baccarat, then you will know that the cards with the digits 6 through 9 are of particular importance. If a player were to be able to see that the first Edge Sorting Poker card dealt had one of these numbers, then he could almost certainly bet his stake on the player or, in the opposite case, place the stake on the bank . So you see – with this Edge Sorting Technique alone, players can gain a significant advantage that is enough for the Edge Sorting Punto Banco game to work in their financial favor.